Decolonizing Psychology Conference

We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming conference: Decolonizing Psychology: Application in Research and Clinical Practice.  This three-day conference is organized by students at The Frantz Fanon Center for Intersectional Psychology and The Attachment Lab at The New School of Social Research and will explore decolonial approaches to psychology.

Mainstream psychology continues to privilege and promote the interests of the minority over the majority, in particular those in Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) countries. The call for a decolonial turn in psychology has gathered momentum over recent years along with greater reflection on how the field reproduces and reinforces systems of oppression including social, racial, economic, and ecological injustice.

This graduate student-led conference we will bring together researchers and clinicians to answer two main questions: (a) How can we redress and resist the asymmetrical distribution of power within psychological science, research, training and practice? (b) What steps do we need to take to give voice to those who are marginalized within the field, in particular those outside of the West, and incorporate their knowledge and expertise to create a more holistic discipline? In addressing these questions we will discuss the history of decolonial psychology, how colonialism has shaped the field of psychology, and how we can incorporate decolonial methods into clinical and academic work to move towards personal and collective emancipation.

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