Our Values

Our Values

  • We engage in power analysis and social justice.
    • Power analysis is at the core of our work.  We analyze power in terms of both societal structures (for example: race, class, gender, religion) and from an interpersonal perspective (relationships, family dynamics, etc.).  Whether in individual, family, group or couples’ therapy, we explore the patient’s relationship to power, and we also actively question and analyze the therapist’s position to power in therapy, as well as in society.
    • This process helps patients to quickly see how power manifests in their daily interactions, while simultaneously challenging therapists to check their own biases.  
  • We practice a politics of equity.
    • We believe that quality mental health services, including psychotherapy should not be dictated by the market.  We use a sliding scale fee model based on income and resources, meaning that every patient pays the same percentages of their income and resources for their psychotherapy hour.
    • Every therapist in our organization sees patients from different socio-economic classes.
    • We also believe that in order to create a sustainable alternative to the current system, psychotherapists need to make a living wage, beyond survival.
  • We seek to always stand in solidarity with oppressed and marginalized people.  
    • Critical therapists seek to support individuals, couples, families and groups who are  oppressed and marginalized.
    • We partner with organizations such as: Physicians for Human Rights, the Urban Justice Center, to provide much needed services.
  • Interdependence between social cultural conditioning and mental health.
    • Critical therapists understand that the personal is political, and recognize ways society affects and impacts mental health.  We incorporate a deep analysis of societal structures and culture in the therapeutic relationship, to alleviate mental health suffering.
  • Interconnectedness between individual healing and social transformation. 
    • We engage patients in critical conversations about how the world shapes us, and how we are shaped by the world. The goal of critical therapy is not just analysis, or the adaptation and accommodation of the individual to oppressive systems and relationships.  The goal is liberation, and in the process, we help to create more collaborative relationships, work spaces, environments and ultimately a more democratic society.

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Critical Therapy Institute (CTI) focuses on teaching, research and the application of critical therapy in advisory, consulting, and educational services.

Critical Therapy (CT) provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. With a deep commitment to liberation and empowerment, our focus is on transformation.

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