Critical Therapy offers different types of coaching services based on your individual needs.  We focus on achieving lasting results and motivate clients to set and reach realistic goals.

We believe that both individuals and organizations benefit from coaching through development of:

  • Critical thinking skills and strategies;
  • A deep interrogation of power and power relationships in your life;
  • Increased capacity to lead with self-reflection and empowerment;
  • Understanding of how societal structures interact and impact well-being;

Our critical therapy coaches work with individuals, while always being mindful of larger systems: e.g., society, community, and organizations, to explore with the client what is occurring on a personal and professional level.

Life coaching

Life coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which our trained professional (the coach) helps you (the client), achieve your personal life goals. Critical Therapy offers coaching grounded in psychotherapeutic, mindfulness, and anti-oppressive practices. The coaching relationship between us is a practice ground for growth and change. Within the coaching relationship, we can focus on your patterns and challenges in your relationship with yourself and others, exploring the root causes and trying out alternatives. 

Executive Coaching

Leaders, executives, and administrators frequently take on diverse roles in rapidly changing environments. With tight deadlines and an ever-changing world, they are often asked to transform and develop organizations and to anticipate the human consequences of such changes. The results include high levels of anxiety, uncertainty, conflicts and resistances.

Critical Therapy (CT) works with executives and managers to help create collaborative work environments. We listen to your concerns and provide feedback. The partnership between the client and CT will be tailored to the client’s unique need. We work with each individual executive to develop their unique leadership skills and philosophy, and coach senior executive to successfully transition to the next level of leadership and accomplishment, as evidenced by achievement of specific, measurable goals. We also analyze how structural barriers influence and contribute to one’s leadership and we seek to help leaders to become more thoughtful and effective as to  achieve organizational success.

Community Organizers and Activist Support

We specialize in providing coaching and consulting services for activists in different areas (climate change, housing, food security, childcare, voter rights, etc.) of work, who are promoting social justice and equity.  We understand the challenges of community organizing and the set-backs that often accompany such visionary work.  We will help you manage burn out and offer a confidential space for respite and self-reflection.

Critical Therapy Institute (CTI) focuses on teaching, research and the application of critical therapy in advisory, consulting, and educational services.

Critical Therapy (CT) provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. With a deep commitment to liberation and empowerment, our focus is on transformation.

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