The Critical Therapy Center offers confidential psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups. We are highly trained, caring and dedicated psychotherapists sharing a passion for therapy and a commitment to liberation, empowerment and healing.

What is critical therapy? 

Critical Therapy offers more than comfort, adjustment and accommodation; we believe therapy can and should be transformational.  We combine contemporary psychoanalytic techniques with the theory and practice of liberation psychology and critical pedagogy to offer therapy that supports healing, empowerment and liberation.

How is critical therapy different? 
  • We engage in power analysis.  Patient and therapist analyze power in dialogue in terms of societal structures (race, class, gender, religion, etc.) and interpersonally (relationships, family, etc.).  We analyze how power affects and informs the therapeutic relationship, and in doing so, patients begin to see how power manifests in their daily interactions.
  • We see the therapeutic relationship as a blueprint for all other relationships. One of the fundamental goals of therapy is learning how to sustain a healthy relationship with another.  We see the relationship between therapist and patient as one of partnership and collaboration and a model for all other relationships.  This enables patients to form more meaningful, authentic and fulfilling relationships in their own lives.
  • We believe the personal is political. Unlike traditional therapy, we invite politics into the therapeutic discussion because we believe the personal is political and the therapy room should be a space to analyze how politics influence and affect mental health. Patients not begin to see how their own psychological issues interact with political ones, and put into action their transformative power.
What are our area of expertise? 

Addiction/Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Cancer, Career Issues, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Depression, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Identity, Immigration/Migration Issues, LGBTQ Issues, Political Refugees, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship Issues, Sexual Assault, Sex Work, Survivors of Torture, Survivors of Religious Intolerance, Trauma.

How do I start therapy with a critical therapist? 

If you are interested in therapy, email  You can get to know Our Team of Critical Therapists.


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The Critical Therapy Center (CTC) provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups, as well as consulting services and training to non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses.

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