Clinical Training

Clinical Training and Supervision

We believe that the formation of a critical therapist involves much more than technical teachings or an intellectual process of learning; it also implies the passage through an experience of personal analysis using critical therapy that provokes a subjective transformation.

The Training Program consists of coursework (including processing groups), supervision and individual psychotherapy (with a CTC therapist), and a practicum which starts with the Spring Semester.



  • 4 Year Program (course work, supervision and group processing)
  • 3 semesters per year
    • Fall Semester – 8 weeks x 2 hours = 16 hours
    • Spring Semester – 8 weeks x 2 hours = 16 hours
    • Summer Mini – 4 weeks x 2 hours = 8 hours



Students are also required to attend weekly individual supervision with a trained CTC clinician.  Cost for the supervision per session follows our sliding scale.



Students are required to be in therapy.  We strongly suggest that you see a CTC clinician, yet we are aware that some students might already be in therapy by the time they come to train with us.  For those students who have a current therapist, we require that during your four year training, at some point, before completing the program, you have seen a critical therapist for individual therapy.



Students will not see any patients until they have completed the first semester.  Patients will be assigned to them.  The price for the session is set by our sliding scale.  Students who use our offices for more than 2 hours will have to contribute a small amount towards rent.  Students keep all the income generated from their assigned patients.



Interested applicants please email your resume along with a cover letter to: with subject: Clinical Training.

Potential candidates will be called for a preliminary interview.  If considered for the program, they will be required to submit a written process recording or case presentation.  A more substantial interview will also be conducted before admittance to the program.

Please note: we are accepting candidates for Fall 2022.



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