Teen Dating Violence

According to new, as yet unpublished, data from a nationwide survey, 49 percent of teenagers report experiencing abuse at least once during a dating relationship.  The findings, presented by the American Psychological Association, are part of a growing body of research aimed at identifying violent patterns early, in the hope that it will prevent teens from perpetuating cycles of abuse…

Economic uncertainty and the risk of suicide among men

A recent study published in World Psychiatry and conducted by Marina Economou of the University of Mental Health Research Institute in Athens, Greece shows a correlation between suicide risk and economic uncertainty. The study telephoned surveyed over 2,000 individuals asking them about on mental health status, financial strain, interpersonal relationships and support, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and demographic details. Economou…

Female desire…or men are from earth, women are from earth – let’s deal with it!

In a recent book entitled,  What Do Women Want?: Adventures in Science of Female Desire  journalist Daniel Bergner uses groundbreaking sex research to show the ways in which gender stereotypes have shaped scientific research and blinded researchers to evidence of female lust and sexual initiation throughout the animal kingdom, including among humans. The book points out how our society has…

CTC website gets a new look

The Critical Therapy Center is happy to announce the launch of our new website, which can be found at www.criticaltherapy.org (same url as before). Well into our second year in existence we continue to provide psychotherapy services, and grow our consulting and training. We have expanded our areas of services to include forensic evaluations (we are now part of Physicians…

What can gay and lesbian couples teach straight ones about living in harmony?

In The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss written by Liza Mundy and published by The Atlantic, the author reports on the growing body of research that finds same-sex unions are happier than heterosexual marriages.The research suggests that this might be because heterosexual couples still struggle with the ideal of egalitarianism and often fall back on old stereotypes and ideals of…

The National Institute of Mental Health has announced it will reorient its research away from DSM categories

A week ago the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) published its intention to work towards and devote research funding to a new system for mental health diagnoses as an alternative to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association. A few interesting articles on this topic: Beginning of the end of DSM? Psychiatry’s Guide is…

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