The Book

Rinku Sen

This book lays out innovations in therapy that mirror respectful relations between human beings. Training therapists to help people grapple with how power, systems, and politics affect our mental health is going to change many lives.

Candice Nicole Hargons, PhD

Critical Therapy is an accessible, important, must-read text for mental health professionals. It identifies the ways one can integrate a relational approach with critical consciousness in therapy and practice logistics.

Catherine Shugrue dos Santos, MSW

As a liberation social worker, when I read the first chapter of Critical Therapy my heart leapt: This is the book we’ve been waiting for! Silvia crafts a clear map of how critical therapy honors the lived experience of those engaging in therapy, including the intersectional trauma of intergenerational violence and structural oppression.

V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Critical Therapy is a clarion call for the therapy of our times: a just, integrative practice that refuses to treat patients outside the context of their political and social reality. This is the pathway to true individual and collective wellness. Crucial reading for therapists and patients alike.

Dennis Fox, Ph.D

Dutchevici dives headlong into two controversial topics that mainstream therapists more often push aside than address: the centrality of love and the significance of money in the therapeutic relationship. This book will lead to many conversations that need to be had.

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