Executive Coaching

Leaders, executives, and administrators frequently take on diverse roles in rapidly changing environments. With tight deadlines and an ever changing world, they are often asked to transform and develop organizations and to anticipate the human consequences of such changes. The results include high levels of anxiety, uncertainty, conflicts and resistances.


We believe that both individuals and organizations benefit from coaching through development of:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Effective management based on understanding people as individuals and as members of society, organizations and affiliations
  • Increase capacity to lead with self reflection and empowerment

CTC works with individuals, while always being mindful of larger systems: e.g. society, community, and organizations, to explore with the client what is occurring on a personal and professional level.

Critical Therapy Center provides:

      • Critical thinking strategies
      • Trainings to develop capacity for leadership and to exercise shared authority and collaboration
      • Help to develop resilience and manage the psychological processes of occupying a senior executive role
      • Expert input to enable executives to think about the ‘below the surface’ issues in the organization
      • Expand ways to develop self awareness and boundaries
      • Create safe spaces to enable leaders to identify learning and developing needs of their staff


Leadership Development


At the heart of any organization is its executive leadership. Leaders need support in order to inspire and motive others. CTC can assist non-profit and for-profit organizations in achieving goals through leadership development and team building. Our skilled critical therapy consultants work with management in defining organizational objectives, facilitating meetings, and effecting change.

Our Leadership Development approach is a highly customized program, offering confidential management support aimed to strengthen the executives’ abilities to lead and manage in dynamic environments while building a strong, supportive team. We start with an extensive assessment of your company’s current management and leadership style, and the creation of a personalized leadership development program. Our team then assists in the development and deployment of the action plans that operationalize the leadership development program.


  • Work with each individual executive to develop his/her unique leadership skills and philosophy
  • Coach senior executive to successfully transition to the next level of leadership and accomplishment, as evidenced by achievement of specific, measurable goals
  • Use current challenges and opportunities as openings for coaching and learning – and professional breakthroughs
  • Help executives in succession planning skills
  • Analyze how issues related to race, class and gender impact and influence one’s leadership in order to achieve organizational success
  • Help establish leaders who might be approaching burnout and need assistance in balancing work/life or handling aged-related personal issues
  • Help long term executives keep up with organizational change

The Critical Therapy Center (CTC) provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups, as well as consulting services and training to non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses.

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