Our Team


Kate Barrow, MSW, LCSW

Kate Barrow, LCSW, specializes in trauma-informed and anti-oppressive approaches to clinical work with emerging adults and people experiencing major life transitions. She has extensive practice working with issues of adolescent mental health, chronic and invisible illnesses, substance use, anxiety, trauma, and court-involvement. Prior to joining the Critical Therapy Center, Kate directed clinical programs in a variety of agency settings.

Kate’s practice interweaves a background in contemplative psychology and mindfulness with two decades of social justice activism. Her clinical style has been described as warm, humorous, and challenging. She believes therapy is a sacred space to explore new ways of being and build a more fulfilling life. Kate centers anti-racist/anti-oppressive, LGBTQ-affirming, sex-positive, and feminist values in all of her work.

Kate is trained in conflict mediation through the New York Peace Institute, and has provided clinical supervision to other clinicians for many years. She has also trained extensively with transformative educational organizations such as Training for Change, People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, Stone Circles, Interaction Institute for Social Change, and Race Forward.

Kate completed her undergraduate studies at Naropa University in Contemplative Psychology and received her master’s in social work (MSW) from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University, with a focus on Clinical Policy/Practice. She is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of New York.


Megan Chinn, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director

Megan Chinn, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist with years of experience providing therapy in various community-based settings including high schools, residential homeless facilities and LGBTQ youth services organizations.  She practices holistic psychotherapy with an emphasis on trauma-informed care, while drawing on mindfulness, intersectionality, and harm-reduction approaches.  Megan’s clinical focus is on applications of critical race theory, transformative justice, and spirituality within the therapeutic context.  Currently she is developing interventions bridging critical therapy theory with transformative justice practices.

Megan received her master’s degree in social work (MSW) from the Columbia University, and bachelor’s degree in sociology and global studies (BA) from the University of California Los Angeles.  She is a graduate of the Integrated Trauma Training Program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Prior to joining the Critical Therapy Center, Megan has partnered with organizations such as Reciprocity Foundation, Community Connections for Youth, and Women in Leadership and Development (WILAD) in Ghana, West Africa.  She brings a demonstrated expertise in transformative and restorative justice practices and has presented at conferences such as: Transformative Practices and Restorative Justice Conference. Megan is trained in circle practice and facilitates restorative circles with young people that have been negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.

In her psychotherapy practice, Megan partners with people to enhance their understanding of self and to arrive at a place of healing through a collaborative therapeutic process. She provides opportunities to bring spirituality into the clinical hour with patients and believes that there are many modalities that promote healing within the therapeutic context.


Silvia M. Dutchevici, MA, LCSW
President and Founder


Rebecca Gruia, MSW, CASAC-T, LMSW

Rebecca Gruia, LMSW, CASAC-T is a psychotherapist with experience in substance use, addiction, and crisis intervention.   She is interested in the intersection of art and therapy, and enjoys facilitating groups with specific focus on expressive therapy, psychoeducation and empowerment.

Rebecca received her master’s degree in social work (MSW) from Fordham University, and bachelor’s degree in psychology and child and family studies (BA) from Stony Brook University. She obtained her CASAC-T for alcoholism and substance abuse counseling from Fordham University.  Gruia has extensive training in suicide intervention and crisis intervention.

At Critical Therapy Center, Rebecca is applying critical therapy to her work with groups, as well as individual patients.  As a child of immigrants, she is particularly interested in intergenerational trauma, and how issues of race, class, gender and religion impact psychological narratives.


Elizabeth Keeney, MSW, MPA, LMSW

Elizabeth Keeney, LMSW, a practicing psychotherapist, has been providing counseling, advocacy and crisis intervention in diverse settings for over two decades.  As a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a bachelor of  arts in social welfare (BSW), she worked with families residing in the housing projects of East Austin, Texas.  Convinced that her dedication to racial, economic and social justice work necessitated a more advanced policy education, Keeney obtained both a master’s degree in social work (MSW), and a master’s of public administration (MPA), from Columbia University.

While pursuing her graduate degrees, Keeney worked at The Bronx Defenders advocating for parents charged with abuse and neglect in family court. Her unique research and approach to harm reduction, led to a policy internship with the International Harm Reduction Program of the Open Society Institute. Upon graduation, Keeney returned to the Bronx working for several years, in the criminal, family and immigration court systems alongside attorneys fighting to end mass incarceration, family separation and deportation. She spent her last two years in the Bronx as Managing Director of Social Work, overseeing expansion of the practice and contributing to nation-wide training and technical assistance through the Center for Holistic Defense.

Seeking deeper intentional therapeutic engagement than the crisis-driven public defense setting allowed, Keeney joined the Sex Workers Project (SWP), at the Urban Justice Center, as Director of Social Work in 2016.  While at SWP, she provided clinical services to sex workers and survivors of trafficking and collaborated with the Critical Therapy Center to enhance clinical services with a deep analysis of how issues of race, class, gender, and religion interacts and affects mental health.  Critical Therapy Center’s commitment to social justice and human liberation resonated profoundly with Keeney, who decided to join the Center as a psychotherapist.

In addition to her current work at the CTC, Keeney maintains her connection to public defense, by focusing her attention within organizations and systems.  As the Employee Wellness Program Manager, at Brooklyn Defender Services, she provides attorneys, social workers, and support staff with counseling and wellness services.


Monica C. Roldan, MSW, LCSW
Special Advisor to the President

Monica C. Roldan, LCSW, is a psychotherapist licensed in New York and New Jersey. In her career, Monica has always focused her efforts on working with women, specifically Latina women survivors of gender based violence, trauma, rape, childhood abuse, prostitution, and trafficking.An expert on issues regarding mental health and immigrant struggles, Monica has a deep understanding of the migration process, and its unique stressors. When working with immigrant patients in particular, Monica is mindful that migration from one country to another has lasting psychological and social effects on an individual’s identity, relationships and society. She also analyzes the transgenerational implications of this experience.

Monica, a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, holds a psychology degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from New York University (NYU). In Colombia, Monica worked in women’s prisons in Bogotá, where she carried out diverse activities with the inmates, including: psycho-educational workshops on self-help, self-esteem, women’s rights, domestic violence and mental health.

Prior to becoming the Special Advisor to the President, Monica served as the Vice President of the Critical Therapy Center.  Monica has also worked at Sanctuary for Families, the leading non-profit agency in New York State dedicated exclusively to serving domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and their children.While at Sanctuary, Monica created and developed the educational video Nuestras Imágenes, Nuestras Voces (Our Images, Our Voices) informing Latinas about domestic violence and encouraging them to take control of their lives. She also works with organizations such as: Pathways and Clara Maass Medical Center in New Jersey.


Sherrie Waller, MSW, MSUP, LMSW

Sherrie T. Waller, LMSW, is a practicing psychotherapist, specializing in trauma. Sherrie’s experience in community-based settings with patients facing homelessness, incarceration and addiction, has made her uniquely aware of the intersection and impact of systemic structures on mental health and well-being.

Sherrie has completed the Integrated Trauma Training Program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy.  In her approach to psychotherapy, she takes a trauma-informed, integrative approach, combining critical therapy theory with different modalities such as: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Her work is guided by social justice, and empowerment frameworks, recognizing that individual behavior and experiences cannot be understood without taking into account the larger contexts in which an individual is situated.

Deeply committed to the creating opportunities for healing and change, Sherrie is also the Director of the Women’s Justice Program at Providence House, an organization that provides transitional and permanent housing to trans and cisgender women and children who are experiencing homelessness and have been impacted by the criminal justice system.  Sherrie received her master’s degrees in social work (MSW) and urban planning (MSUP) from Columbia University.


George Zafiriadis
Social Media Coordinator & Illustrator

George Zafiriadis, is an illustrator, comic and concept artist.  Committed to social justice, LGBTQ rights and with an interest in mental health, he joined Critical Therapy Center as an illustrator and social media coordinator.

Prior to joining the Center, George worked and volunteered for various organizations and non-profits such as: Futureleap Media Company, Type Director’s Club, Urban Scholars, and Queens Pride House.  He obtained a bachelor of arts (BA) in Digital Arts from City University of New York College.  It was here that he served as the president of the college’s Straight and Gay Alliance. 

In 2019, Zafiriadis partnered with our president and founder, to create weekly mental health inspired comics. Their collaboration aims to draw attention, interrogate and showcase the intersectionality between mental health issues and: politics, worker’s rights, current events, etc.; check them out @silviadutchevici on Instagram! For more about George’s own stylized art and work, check him out at @squiddysprinkle also on Instagram!