How We Work

Our leadership team partners with organizations and individuals to highlight how social and cultural conditions are interdependent with psychological ones and impact daily functioning.

We identify ways in which self and cultural understanding can impact quality of personal and work life. The Critical Therapy Center works with organizations and individuals to design tailored solutions.

Personal Solutions

The critical therapist approaches the therapeutic relationship as a partnership and a collaborative process. We celebrate diversity and understand that each patient has a unique history, with unique needs and solutions. Our role as therapists is to provide a supportive environment, and to ask precise questions in order to help patients achieve both clarity and resolution with respect to life transitions.

In critical therapy, power is an intrinsic part of the dialogue. The therapist and patient focus on power from both an interpersonal perspective and in terms of societal structures. Together, they analyze how social categories such as race, class, gender and religion intersect with psychological problems. The goal of therapy is healing, liberation and empowerment.

Organizational Solutions

The critical therapist consultants work with organizations in various areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Interoffice disputes
  • Issues affecting job function
  • Issues affecting job performance and jobjeopardy
  • Trauma in the workplace
  • Quality of Work-Life

Our team recognizes the interdependence of individuals, organizations, society, and acknowledges the impact of a multitude of factors and the dynamic nature of the work place. Our critical thinking therapists specialize in human behavior in the work place. We facilitate responses and solutions to issues and problems organizations are facing. We collect and analyze information, issue recommendations, and assist in the implementation of our distinctive solutions.

Critical Therapy Institute (CTI) focuses on teaching, research and the application of critical therapy in advisory, consulting, and educational services.

Critical Therapy (CT) provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. With a deep commitment to liberation and empowerment, our focus is on transformation.

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