Liberation ¤ Empowerment ¤ Healing

Executive Team


Megan Chinn, MSW, LMSW
Vice President

Megan Chinn, LMSW is a licensed psychotherapist with years of experience providing therapy in various community-based settings including high schools, residential M Chinnhomeless facilities and LGBTQ youth services organizations.  She practices holistic psychotherapy with an emphasis on trauma-informed care, while drawing on mindfulness, intersectionality, and harm-reduction approaches.  Megan’s clinical focus is on applications of critical race theory, transformative justice, and spirituality within the therapeutic context.  Currently she is developing interventions bridging critical therapy theory with transformative justice practices.

Megan received her master’s degree in social work (MSW) from the Columbia University, and bachelor’s degree in sociology and global studies (BA) from the University of California Los Angeles. 

Prior to joining the Critical Therapy Center, Megan has partnered with organizations such as Reciprocity Foundation, Community Connections for Youth, and Women in Leadership and Development (WILAD) in West Africa.  While in Ghana, she conducted research for the Queen Mothers of the Ashanti tribe and planned summits for them to explore the experience of community power structures, colonialism, and matriarchy.   She also brings a demonstrated expertise in transformative and restorative justice practices and has presented at conferences such as Transformative Practices and Restorative Justice Conference.

In her psychotherapy practice, Megan partners with people to enhance their understanding of self and to arrive at a place of healing through a collaborative therapeutic process. She provides opportunities to bring spirituality into the clinical hour with patients and believes that there are many modalities that promote healing within the therapeutic context.


Silvia M. Dutchevici, MA, LCSW
Founder and President


Carolyn Jacoby, MSW, LCSW
Vice President

Carolyn Jacoby, LCSW is a psychotherapist with extensive experience in private practice in CJacobyNYC. She treats individuals, couples and families and has been a consultant for various non-profit and for-profit companies, specializing in substance abuse issues.  Carolyn brings expertise to her practice in treating patients referred by various Human Resources Departments for substance abuse from her years as a therapist in a substance abuse relapse prevention program. In addition she also continues the work she began as a therapist in a sliding scale clinic treating the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Carolyn treats patients with addictions including, alcohol, drugs, debt, eating disorders and body image issues. She also treats patients with a diverse range of other issues and diagnoses including depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), adult survivors of childhood abuse, and battered and abused patients. She works closely with psychiatrists when needed and has an excellent understanding of psychotropic medication. Her patients come from diverse social, cultural, national, gender, gender-identity, race, class and economic status. Her perspective and training is psychoanalytic, however, Carolyn sees each patient as an individual with unique needs and does not limit her treatment approach.

Well-versed in all aspects of twelve-step programs, Carolyn uses the required twelve-step program along with psychotherapy in her treatment as warranted. She also works with a large population of patients in the arts including theater, film, television and advertising art. Like all of her work, Carolyn has developed an understanding of the uniqueness of patients working in these areas. However, her practice perspective is guided by her philosophy that there is no hierarchy of need or care.

Carolyn received her master’s of social work (MSW) from New York University (NYU), and her bachelor of arts (BA) in Comparative Religion from Fordham University where she graduated summa cum laude and was the recipient of numerous scholarships, academic awards and honors.


Monica C. Roldan, MSW, LCSW
Vice President

Monica C. Roldan is a psychotherapist licensed in New York and New Jersey. In her, Monica has always focused her efforts on working with women, specifically Latina women survivors of gender based violence, trauma, rape, childhood abuse, prostitution, and trafficking.An expert on issues regarding mental health and immigrant struggles, Monica has a deep understanding of the migration process, and its unique stressors. When working with immigrant patients in particular, Monica is mindful that migration from one country to another has lasting psychological and social effects on an individual’s identity, relationships and society. She also analyzes the transgenerational implications of this experience.

Monica, a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, holds a psychology degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from New York University (NYU). In Colombia, Monica worked in women’s prisons in Bogotá, where she carried out diverse activities with the inmates, including: psycho-educational workshops on self-help, self-esteem, women’s rights, domestic violence and mental health.

Prior to becoming the Vice President of the Critical Therapy Center, Monica worked at Sanctuary for Families, the leading non-profit agency in New York State dedicated exclusively to serving domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and their children.While at Sanctuary, Monica created and developed the educational video Nuestras Imágenes, Nuestras Voces (Our Images, Our Voices) informing Latinas about domestic violence and encouraging them to take control of their lives. She also works with organizations such as: Pathways and Clara Maass Medical Center in New Jersey.

An experienced group facilitator, Monica created and led various pyscho-educational groups on topics such as: self-esteem, domestic violence, empowerment in the workplace, surviving and living with cancer. More recently, she has facilitated groups in both English and Spanish for cancer survivors at Pathways and New Jersey Self Help Group Clearinghouse.

Monica presented at the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence Conference in 2008 and for the past four years she served in the Domestic Violence Phone Bank in New Jersey, sponsored by Telemundo News, Channel 47. An expert on domestic violence in the Latin@ communities, Monica contributed to countless stories and articles on the subject.